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Podcast: FlexPod – Flexible & Efficient Data Center Infrastructure

Logicalis’ Vice President of Modern Data Center Brandon Harris takes a deep dive into the FlexPod solution with Solution Architect Ben Compton. They’ll discuss the keys to a successful hybrid cloud architecture in a modern infrastructure and benefits of a converged infrastructure for data center transformation. In this podcast, sponsored by NetApp, we talk about the Logicalis hybrid cloud framework and how Logicalis and NetApp can help start down the path of modernization and define a hybrid cloud architecture.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is FlexPod?
  • What are the NetApp & Cisco technologies behind FlexPod?
  • Benefits of a converged infrastructure when building a hybrid cloud
  • Various consumption models for FlexPod
  • How to get started building a hybrid cloud
  • How Logicalis can help with end-to-end services

No matter how it’s deployed, FlexPod can be consumed as a service through either Cisco (Cisco Plus) or NetApp (NetApp Keystone) or both—or Logicalis can deliver FlexPod-as-a-service with just one predictable payment to manage.

But even more than that, you can eliminate the work and expense associated with annual refresh cycles and always have newer hardware—without managing, procuring, and implementing it or putting on already overburdened IT teams.

Of course, Logicalis offers end-to-end professional and managed IT services to help you get started. We’ll wrap a team around you and work closely with you to assess your existing environment, outline your goals, and build a strategy and roadmap with cost estimates before recommending a real-world solution. We offer a series of assessments and workshops to help you begin.

Listen to the podcast.