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Whether it’s our wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, or friends, we all probably know someone who’s received a breast cancer diagnosis. It’s devastating. 

To help raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer on all of us, the National Breast Cancer Foundation created “Together we RISE” as its theme for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

In other words, when we raise our voices together, we help spread the word about the importance of breast cancer prevention and support for our loved ones living with breast cancer.  

Raising women up through our women-centered employee resource group 
Here, at Logicalis, our women-centered employee resource group—Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN)—is all about raising up and supporting women. You’ll notice that I said “women-centered” and not “women only.” 

That’s because the mission of WIN is to “engage all Logicalians to promote and support the development and advancement of women at Logicalis while building a community to empower professional women.” As the saying goes “it takes a village” and villages are not “women only.”  

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one of WIN’s hallmark initiatives is our annual fundraiser to support breast cancer awareness.  

Raising funds to support women with breast cancer 
As we all know, donations can make a huge difference to organizations that promote breast cancer awareness, prevention, and care. They enable us to impact lives, support new treatments, and create hope.  

As such, we’ve chosen Living Beyond Breast Cancer as the recipient of our fundraising efforts this year. This national nonprofit organization provides trusted information and a community of support—through on-demand emotional, practical, and evidence-based content—that’s meaningful to those who are newly diagnosed, in treatment, post-treatment, and living with metastatic disease.  

(Living Beyond Breast Cancer has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for the past 17 years, the Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar, and recognition by USA Today as one of the top breast cancer charities for support services and education. In fact, 84% of every dollar donated goes directly to its programs. You can view their financial reports here.) 

Beginning October 1 through October 31, we will again raise funds for breast cancer awareness, with a goal to surpass $5,000. And, again this year, Logicalis has made a commitment to match donations up to $1,500. Logicalis employees can support this fundraising effort in three ways:   

  • Make a donation – Logicalis employees can make a donation through a one-time payroll deduction anytime between October 1-31. 
  • Purchase a pink shirt – New this year, Logicalis employees can purchase a men’s or women’s Logicalis-branded polo shirt in support of breast cancer awareness, and a portion of the purchase price will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer 
  • Attend an educational webinar –Logicalis employees are encouraged to show their support by attending a webinar given by the Karmanos Cancer Institute. It will focus on breast cancer detection and prevention, along with available resources, and include a Q&A session.  

Finally, employees are being encouraged to share their own personal stories of breast cancer or those of their loved ones affected by breast cancer. 

Logicalis: Raising the bar in our communities 
As an interdependent part of the communities that we live in and work in, Logicalis strives to create community-driven solutions that make a positive impact. The WIN breast cancer awareness initiative is just one of many community-centered initiatives supported by Logicalis.  

As Architects of Change and with a strong history of community support, we believe it’s part of our mission to not only create change through monetary donations, but also through volunteerism.  

Whenever we can do something that impacts the communities we live and work in, it’s a win for everyone—our employees, their loved ones, our customers, partners, and especially our communities.  

Learn more about the work of Living Beyond Breast Cancer and/or donate here. Thank you for your support!  


Jeanne Baker is Director of Sales Effectiveness for Logicalis, responsible for sales forecasts, market and tool effectiveness, and growth plans across eight US regions and is a member of the Logicalis employee resource group, Women’s Initiatives Network.