Converged Infrastructure: Catapult Your IT Environment into the Future

Reading Time: < 1 minuteImplementing a converged infrastructure for targeted workloads is just like wheeling in a Trojan horse into your IT environment. It gives you a radical new approach to infiltrate your IT department and eventually your entire organization.’ That’s because embedded in every converged infrastructure is a shared-resource mentality that transcends the traditional server, storage, networking, management and application silos. A targeted converged infrastructure also helps you focus on automation and orchestration efforts that prove their value—with measurable savings in time and money as well as through their ability to help you respond dynamically to changing business requirements. But perhaps the most important outcome of a targeted converged infrastructure is that it provides the means to move beyond the conventional siloed data center environment in incremental steps. This approach extends your IT roadmap into a future where business and technology actually work as one. Converged infrastructures are clearly gaining significant traction within enterprise environments. Gartner predicts that by the end of this year, one third of all servers will ship as managed resources in a converged infrastructure. And without the management and productivity advantages of a converged infrastructure, managing and operating your cloud computing environment will prove costly, frustrating and ineffective. To find out more about how a converged infrastructure platform can deliver lower management costs and speed the implementation and deployment of new services, check out...

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Healthcare Software Provider Turns to Logicalis to Leverage the SaaS Delivery Model

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen Health Care DataWorks (HCD) first took its business intelligence software to market as a stand-alone on-premise solution, the company’s management team knew they couldn’t do it on their own. HCD wanted to focus on what it did best—healthcare analytics—by finding a partner that could take responsibility for monitoring and managing everything from the operating system down—servers, storage and networking. That’s exactly what they found in Logicalis. We offer a SaaS platform along with application monitoring that helps software providers deliver their software using a cloud-delivery model. HCD also appreciated our strong presence in healthcare and expertise across the entire IT infrastructure. We also rely heavily on high-level ITIL best practices and know how to work within HIPAA guidelines—with an understanding of healthcare’s need for uptime and security. After seeing how well we monitored and managed the HCD business intelligence app (Knowledge Edge), HCD then came to us to explore the possibility expanding our relationship. HCD wanted to offer its healthcare customers a SaaS version of KnowledgeEdge that we would host on our SaaS platform. Leveraging the cloud delivery model became especially important for HCD as the adoption of hosted solutions by healthcare customers began to accelerate. More and more hospitals and health systems are now trying to reduce capital budget expenses and the overhead of managing systems in-house. The HDC hosted offering powered by the...

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