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Guest post by Kevin Clark, Solution Architect

All companies think about the need for recovery solutions to keep their business running in the event of unplanned disasters or issues that disable or interrupt their data center operations. Many recovery plans are manual where backup media is sent to a recovery site where critical servers and applications are rebuilt and brought online for the user community. The reasons for this are the costs associated with the operations needed and the alternate infrastructure required to support failover (datacenter, network, servers, storage, software) can be cost prohibitive. The Cloud provides a unique opportunity in that it provides a remote computing environment that can be leveraged as a real time replication target for critical applications. In addition this remote cloud computing environment can scale as the source environment (Production) scales.

There are other critical aspects of a recovery solution to consider but do you think that  “Disaster Recovery as a Service” in the Cloud is a cost effective technical recovery solution is Hype or Ripe?

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