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It can be difficult for companies to discern what to do when moving to the cloud. However, the move is viewed as necessary for companies who desire to push forward. And moving to the cloud, like any other move, is easiest when you have a good strategy in place. In order to help your company prepare for a private cloud move industry experts are suggesting that organizations address this list of systems in developing a private cloud strategy.

1. Server hardware
2. Storage
3. Networking
4. Data back-up systems
5. Virtualization
6. System management and monitoring
7. Service orchestration
8. Configuration management
9. Chargeback/showback
10. Performance and capacity planning
11. Service catalog
12. Change management and the CMDB
13. Adoption of SaaS
14. PaaS management of key applications

All of these systems need to be able to work together smoothly in order to create the most effective private cloud environment. However, having these systems work smoothly together isn’t the only thing that is needed to have an effective private cloud. Companies also need to be sure that their entire organization is working together to implement cloud computing. This has to be an effort from everyone – from the CEO to the IT guru – everyone needs to work together to ensure an effective and efficient cloud implementation.

Migrating to the cloud, it’s a collaboration involving all of an organization’s systems and departments. What do you think? Is this hype or ripe?

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