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Energy efficiency is important in every part of the organization nowadays, and the data center is no exception. Try using these five tips to maximize your data center’s energy efficiency:

1. Understand Airflow: Since cold air sinks and warm air rises, it would make sense to push cold air to the bottom – making the raised floor model less efficient then it could be.
2. Get rid of Zombie Servers: Taking careful inventory is important and can reveal some “zombie servers” (legacy machines) that you may not have known were still running unnecessarily.
3. Efficiency at the cost of capacity isn’t really efficiency: Do not deteriorate your IT capabilities and the potential return on investment just to minimize power draw.
4. Don’t sweat the humidity or temperature: As long as the equipment you are using is no older than 4 years old, you can turn up the heat a little- up to 75 degrees and open your bandwidth for humidification to 15 and 70.
5. Do sweat the small stuff: Everything from the size of doorways, the height of the floors, and the amount of dust in the room can affect how efficiently the facility will operate.

Are these tips ripe to improve data center energy efficiency? Or are they hype?

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