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Could Apps Affect your Move to the Cloud?

Companies that decide to build a private cloud should think about what kind of applications their IT environment is running. Many departments could be running older applications they will need to look at updating when moving to a private cloud.
Updating your apps is very important because the full potential of cloud computing can only be realized when using applications that fully leverage the cloud environment.

In order to move forward with the cloud, it is important to assess what you already have. We suggest using the following steps:

1. Identify applications you don’t want to use anymore and replace them with SaaS applications.
2. Identify third-party applications that need to stay on physical hardware and leave them where they are (at least for now).
3. Determine if your custom applications can be virtualized as they are.
4. Choose a development environment for your new applications.

Is this process hype? Or ripe and helpful for updating your IT environment for the move to the cloud?

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