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Before moving your company’s private data to a public cloud it is important that you think through your data strategy integration. Being organized when it comes to the synchronization of your data into the public cloud is key so that your company doesn’t end up using an inefficient, risky and costly approach to moving data.

Planning before your move to the public cloud allows for your company to think through any issues that may come up with synchronizing your data to the cloud – such as security, governance and performance.

As you are planning for your data center move, here are a few things to consider:

  • The amount of data that will be placed in the public cloud
  • The kind of data that will be moved between your company and the cloud
  • How often data will be moved between your company and the cloud
  • Content and structure changes required for cloud storage
  • Logging and auditing requirements
  • Exception-handling needs

Most organizations don’t like to do a lot of planning before entering the public cloud. However, it can save an enormous amount of time, money and pain later if a plan is in place before making a move to the cloud. Do you agree? Do you believe that planning for your company’s move to the public cloud is ripe? Or do you think it is hype?

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