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The role of the cloud in IT has created a whole new set of skills that are required for IT professionals to know. This new skill set is larger than the industry has ever seen before. First it is important for IT professionals to understand the technical aspects of the cloud their organization has selected (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). It is also important for them to understand the technical differences between private and public clouds, and to particularly understand the solution(s) they are working with. And lastly they need to understand the management issues related to cloud delivery and governance.

While the cloud has created a new skill set it has also enabled IT departments and CIOs to play a more strategic role. The cloud has given them the capability to work closely with the business and focus on overall objectives. While skill sets will need to adapt to the cloud from the CIO to the IT operational staff the cloud has the ability to free up time and grow skills that will build a more effective IT department in the long run.

Do you agree this is ripe and a new skill set is needed for the cloud? Or do you believe this is hype and there are no extra skills needed for the cloud?

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