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With the recent Hurricane Sandy disaster, East Coast companies have been forced to think about their own data center disaster preparations. When it comes to a big natural or man-made disaster there will always be time spent preparing for and recovering from the disaster. Yet you can minimize this time spent by having a plan in place.

Here are a few things to consider when planning for a disaster:

1.       It is important to prepare your company for the short-term and long-term impacts that the disaster could have.

2.       If possible, prepare for the disaster ahead of time, getting everyone in your company on board with the plan that has been set-up.

3.       Keep everyone updated during the emergency with hourly messages, and give employees a way to get their issues to you as well.

4.       Test your data centers weekly to make sure that they will be able to withstand emergencies that come your way.

5.       Work with your employees, only forcing the most crucial employees to come into the data center, and preparing them with options of places near the data center to stay and stocking the data center with supplies.

Do you believe these data center disaster tips are ripe and would be good to implement in case of a disaster? Or are they hype?

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