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Aligning the goals of the IT department with the rest of your business can be difficult to do. This is why Managed services is increasingly important for businesses, because it helps to align IT goals with the goals of the business as a whole.

Do your IT department and overall business goals align? If not you may want to consider managed services.  Here are six reasons why your business needs to implement Managed Services:

1.       Reduced IT Expenditure: managed services can help eliminate costs because there is no on-site administrator, but monitoring/support is still available 24/7

2.       Minimal Downtime: most remote support can be done without interruptions and operations can be managed proactively

3.       Improved Response Time: unlimited support from the helpdesk

4.       The Automation of IT Management Tasks: up-to-date audit and inventory reports

5.       Consistent Software Across the Organization: ensures standardized applications and the latest security

6.       No Staff Training: this gives your staff time to do the work they already need to do

Would managed services help your business and IT goals align, and this is ripe? Or do you think this is hype?

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