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When the internet became widely available in the 1990s its influence was unimaginable. The internet changed the way our culture does everything and now it is impossible to think about life without the internet.

This is what some people are predicting will happen with Big Data. Will Hauck, former CIO for Dun & Bradstreet, believes that a boom similar to that of the internet will be seen with big data in the next few years. Hauck believes big data will separate companies, and those who are doing big data will be better able to serve their customers than those who are not.

When it comes to what data to focus on, Hauck suggests thinking about these four areas:

1.       Why do your customers do what they do?

2.       What about your products or services resonate with your customers?

3.       What do your customers need – and need more of?

4.       How can you use what you know about your customers to do what you do better?

Do you agree that big data will be “Big” and it should become a focus, making this ripe? Or do you think this is hype?

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