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There are many benefits when it comes to big data. It can help organizations understand their business, customers and environments better than they would have thought possible. And any data held by an organization can be a key to their competitive advantage.

Because big data can be the key to your company’s advantage, it is vitally important that your data is secure.

Therefore has listed 9 tips for securing big data:

  1. Think about security before you start your big data project
  2. Consider what data may get stored
  3. Centralize accountability
  4. Encrypt data both at rest and in motion
  5. Separate your keys and your encrypted data
  6. Use the Kerberos network authentication protocol
  7. Use secure automation
  8. Add logging to your cluster
  9. Implement secure communication between nodes and applications

Do you agree that these tips are ripe and will secure your company’s big data? Or do you believe these tips are only hype?

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