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When considering what cloud to use it is important to consider what is best for the business. Some cloud providers work well with clients, and others do not. This makes it very important for businesses to find the right cloud service provider for them.

When looking for a provider:

  1. Make sure the margins work: financially speaking make sure the deal will work for you.
  2. Check out the cloud provider’s history: learn their experience and make sure the service is well tested
  3. Ensure the level of support is sufficient: it is important that the cloud provider can give the amount of support that they promise
  4. Make sure the provider can accommodate your needs: make sure that you can get along with the provider and they will let you do what you need to for your business
  5. Think about Long-Term Viability: think about how the cloud provider will fit into your business plan as your business continues to grow.

Are these questions ripe and helpful when choosing a cloud provider? Or are they hype?

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