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Companies are considering using outsourcing and other managed services more broadly. This is partly because of the economy and the current regulatory environment of our country. It is also because of the maturation of outsourcing providers over the last couple of years. Now more companies feel comfortable outsourcing information that used to be viewed as too risky to outsource, such as tax processing and retirement plan record-keeping.

IT Web believes that we will see these 10 trends when it comes to managed services and outsourcing in 2013:

  1. The business process as a service model will gain momentum
  2. Solutions delivered on a software as a service basis will help firms increase productivity
  3. Businesses will begin to look beyond application hosting towards industry specific services
  4. IT executives will outsource more infrastructure, application management services and custom development
  5. Service providers will be expected to provide more complex IT services and thought leadership
  6. Firms are moving towards service contracts that are based on a variable cost model
  7. Firms will look for outsourcing providers that offer cloud computing to create economies of scale and a cost effective way to handle IT infrastructure  and application management
  8. More efficient and higher quality services
  9. Firms will look more closely at the integrity of a provider
  10. Firms will look to their providers to operate and maintain new and complex initiatives

Do you agree with IT Web that we will be seeing these managed services and outsourcing trends in 2013 and this is ripe? Or do you believe that these trends are hype?

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