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Because legacy storage systems aren’t designed for today’s uses, many businesses discover systemic gaps that leave them exposed to unpredictable workloads and unrestrained data growth. With mobility, social media, the cloud, big data, and software-defined data centers all impacting legacy architectures, now is likely the time to finally take that fork in the road to a new storage architecture.

When designing storage solutions, businesses must contend with a shifting focus on defining return-on-investment, which includes a reduction in complexity, the consolidation of workloads, and the discovery of hidden value inside existing data sets. But there’s something even more important: the ability to deliver storage that scales from entry-level to high-end while sharing common data services across physical storage and software-defined storage.

To help you answer to these challenges, here’s quick rundown on the benefits delivered by four HP midrange solutions. They collectively represent the new single-platform-strategy, which marries data storage and information mining with an upgrade path that uses identical command sets to eliminate learning curves.

StoreServ 7000 Midrange 3PAR: Moves tier 1 storage capabilities to the midrange, offering support for all applications and data types across physical, virtual and cloud resources.

StoreAll: A customized, scalable data analytics and retention platform that allows you to archive and search big data content repositories that include millions of files, billions of objects and petabytes of data. Also lets you find information instantly, quickly and easily—delivering more value from your information.

StoreOnce: Scalable from small systems to petabytes of data, this solution gives you efficient, high-speed data protection and greater risk reduction. It can also function up to three times faster than competitor solutions and offers 50-70 percent lower operational costs.

StoreVirtual: As servers and hypervisors become more powerful, there is an emerging opportunity to embed storage functionality as a virtual machine. This solution allows you to move data between physical and virtual storage and grow as your virtual environment expands.

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