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A critical factor for all ISVs is how quickly they can deploy their software solutions. In addition to satisfying customer demands to start using solutions as quickly as possible, the sooner you deploy, the sooner you start collecting revenue.

For ISVs that currently offer on-premise software solutions only, moving to the cloud-delivery model presents an opportunity to significantly accelerate timelines since the cloud makes it possible to standardize software deployments. In comparison, when implementing software on-premises, the technical environments vary, which means software providers must contend with and resolve the unique implementation problems of every customer.

But since a cloud deployment environment is standardized, implementation follows the same steps—time-after-time. By leveraging the cloud, automation and orchestration technologies can also be leveraged to further streamline implementations and drive down the time-to-consumption even more so. Customer satisfaction rises sharply and the revenue stream begins.

By shortening implementation times, newly-introduced products you release down the road as well as version upgrades can also be brought to market faster and more cost-effectively than with traditional go-to-market strategies. And with today’s competitive pressures, acquiring such agility is a must. Customers demand choices in the way they consume software, and by the end of 2015, experts predict half of all ISVs will deliver their applications using a cloud infrastructure.

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