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When it comes to unleashing the full power of real-time business analytics, three primary hurdles seem to keep the promise of big data at arm’s length. But with proper planning, your company can make the leap. Here are some tips to give you a solid grasp on managing your company’s big data:

  • Too Much Data –The amount of data companies store today continues to grow by leaps and bounds as massive amounts are captured so enterprises can learn all they can about their customers. IT pros who know their companies are headed in this direction need to plan now so they will be ready to analyze and use that data later. This requires well-planned infrastructure consolidation so information can be more easily managed as it is created.
  • Too Little Time – Implementing a big data strategy creates changes to business processes, infrastructure, economics and even the org chart—which all lead to changes within the IT department as well. Turning to a solution provider or analytics consulting firm as additional resources can take the pressure off the internal IT team. Using an expert in the field from the start can also ultimately make the difference between the success and the failure of a big data project.
  • Too Small of a Budget – Big data discussions can lead to conflicts between the information management and technology sides of a business. An integrated approach that provides instant access to data via a unified system may be ideal, but it can be costly. If budget is an issue, consider starting with an open source database like Hadoop, then integrate an in-memory platform and analytics solution as needs dictate.

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